EMPORIA4KT project was nominated for the 2020 Atlantic Project Awards

02 November 2020

EMPORIA4KT project, which SPI is a partner, was nominated for the 2020 Atlantic Project Awards.

The 2020 Atlantic Project Awards will be unveiled during the 7th Atlantic Stakeholders Platform Conference (ASPC2020). This will be a fully virtual event taking place on 19 November 2020, which will also mark the first occasion to formally launch the revised Atlantic Maritime Strategy and Action Plan 2.0.

ASPC2020 will showcase all nominated projects in a Virtual Exhibition on the #ASPC2020 platform. As a nominee, #EMPORIA4KT was given a virtual booth to showcase the project.

Register to the ASCP 2020 conference here: https://atlantic-stakeholder-conference-2020.converve.io/index.html