SPI Participated in the Cybercon 2018

20 June 2018


SPI was invited to speak at the CyberCon Conference on 15-16 June 2018 in Sofia, Bulgaria, organised under the patronage of the EU Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society. The conference aimed to support the integration and interaction between private and public bodies with experts in cybersecurity, critical infrastructure management, eHealth and Smart Cities solution providers.
Within the panel session of "Cybersecurity, Cross-cutting Issues between European Union, Knowledgeable Cities and Communities", SPI’s Senior International Consultant, Nishant Shandilya gave a presentation on International Partnership Building to Foster Cybersecurity Co-operation and introduced the Horizon 2020 Project YAKSHA to the participants. He also shared the discussion panel with other reputed experts to discuss on “Cybersecurity - Cross-Cutting Issues between European Union, Knowledgeable Cities and Communities - Horizon 2020 Perspectives”.

In addition, the event provided networking opportunity to be engaged in several discussions with organisations and private companies interested in the topics of ICT, Cybersecurity, as well as Smart cities.